Overnight, the virus called COVID-19, has tested that local companies will have to adapt to working remotely, a style of work that – until a few years ago – was thought to be a privilege of multinational companies such as Google or Facebook.

For this reason, we want to share 3 tools that will help your company to cope with the COVID-19 crisis so that you continue to operate optimally.


1 – Asana

Founded in 2019 with headquarters in San Francisco, California, it is a project management web application, extremely simple and easy to use; However, its simplicity is perfectly combined with powerful collaboration features, among which we can mention:

PROJECTS. It allows planning each step and stage of your project and organizing all the details of your work in one place, likewise you can separate teams by projects and view everything from the same report.

BOARDS. Gives a complete view of your team’s work. Flowing through the various stages with speed, ease and excellence is a simple way of achieving goals.

SCHEDULE. Using the Schedule to create a plan that shows you how the pieces of your project fit together and helps you keep your work up to date as things change can save you time and money.

RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. An advantage to see your team’s resources in real time. See the full picture of everyone’s productive capacity at a glance, and easily review tasks for more details.

It has a free version with the essential functions to start operating your projects and adapt to the environment and pace of work.

2 – Slack

Desde 2002, la compañía fundada por Stewart Butterfield, cuenta con más de 9 millones de usuarios activos cada semana. La

Since 2002, the company founded by Stewart Butterfield, has more than 9 million active users every week. The app is widely used by companies like Airbnb, HBO, NASA, Buzzfeed and almost any Silicon Valley startup.

Slack is a messaging tool designed for teams. Its ease of use allows you to create groups and give access to different members (inside or outside of your organization) and thus all communicate, just as if they were in the same office.

But what makes Slack so special? Here we tell you:


  • MULTI PLATFORM. In a globalized world and where more and more companies have multidisciplinary teams, from a database engineer to a graphic designer or chief financial officer, you can access them from your mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • INTEGRATIONS. By having integrations such as: Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, Github, Skype and many more; Slack will likely become your company’s communication repository and file HUB.
  • WORK GROUPS. Segment chats into groups and each team can have its own channel, store credentials or specific information of a work team on a private channel, in short, you decide who can see what information.
  • CENTRALIZATION OF COMMUNICATION. Forget about the endless groups of WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, using Slack and the daily mailing list is greatly reduced, all without missing any message of the conversation on any channel you use.

3 – Trello

To define it in a single sentence, it could be said to be a list of lists.

Trello is considered as one of the best organization and task management tools that exist today. Thanks to a very visual system you can organize tasks and projects, thus facilitating their monitoring.

Planning to launch a campaign? Trello.

Prepare the sales budget with your team? Trello.

Develop a technology project? Trello is ideal.

In conclusion, any project that requires more than one task, Trello will be your great ally for its execution and development.

At Saturn, our development and strategy areas operate with this methodology, and the results throughout these years have been without a doubt efficient.

If you want advice on how to successfully implement remote work in your company, you can contact us here